Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So ever since I have been in the situation known as "a lot of free time", I have been spending a considerable amount of time on Pinterest(a wonderful website I am sure many of you are familiar with). Because of that Matt know responds to most things I say by saying "how Pinteresting". Or really anything that uses that word. So this blog post is pinteresting, since I have been trying to pinterest my life.

At a garage sale I got four matching chairs for $5 each. Great deal considering they are really sturdy chairs. As some of you may be aware, we sold our table before leaving Utah. We got a new table here, but have been without chairs. Therefore these chairs solved our problem, but first I wanted to make them cuter.

Original Chair

After some good old sanding

Now the paint job. After I painted it I also got a high gloss spray wood sealer finish (or something like that), anyways they look nice. I am trying to find two other chairs to go on the ends of the table and then I will have two chairs of each color. The fourth chair I have now I just finished painting yellow.

Also because of pinerest I have decided to try out some new recipes. Its really fun and I mostly only make desserts. Brown sugar cookies.

This is actually the first Sunday dinner I have had to cook for just Matt and I. Due to the fact that we lived by family until now we have never really had to do our own Sunday Dinner. I made a roast and everything.

Raspberry lemon cheese cake. Also Pinteresting

Now on to some pinterest home, with the help of my mom. She came out for the weekend after Hansen left and we had an extreme home make over, that wasn't that extreme, but was fun. We got an ikea shelf to create a make-shift mantle.

Love Ikea storage

I also bought this cute little table off craigslist. I want to paint it too, but I haven't gotten around to it. Also my mom is nervous about me painting it since it looks nice now.

We also finally got some curtain tie back things so that I can have some more light in the family room. There is no overhead light, so that is a little weird.

Well that about sums up my pinteresting life. I am getting a little bored having nothing to do, but I am liking that I have time to cook and stuff. Matt may be a little disappointed when I actually get a job and I go back to my old ways of not cooking so much.


Kelsey Phillips (its now official. Got my CA Drivers License with it on and everything)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Changing Times

Well things have definitely been changing recently so to fully commit to all the changes I finally went and officially changed my name. I know we've been married over a year, but somehow I had been imagining it would be a big hassle, but as it turns out it took like five minutes and it was really simple. Now I am officially Kelsey Phillips.

Also last week Hansen left on his mission for Kiev Ukraine speaking Ukrainian. Luckily I got to go home for the farewell and him going into the MTC. It was really nice to be able to go home for a few days even though I barely left.

I decided that I like the curbside drop off thing. One of my brother's best friends got to meet him on the side walk and so he was really excited to go into the MTC.

After Hansen went into the MTC my mom and older brother drove back to Sacramento with me. We had quite the project weekend while my mom was here. There is more to come on that.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garage Sale Project

In our larger apartment our scanty amount of furniture has not quite filled the place out. So on Saturday I decided to go garage sale browsing. Turns out people are serious about their garage sales here. There was one on like every block and when I got there at 8:30am, it was much to late for the good stuff. Despite our late start we still managed to find a couple winners.

We got this wood table for only $10. It was a great deal especially since we sold our kitchen table before moving. We still do have the problem that we don't have chairs.

Now on to my project! I found this cool thing for $2. It kind of looks like it belongs in a church doesn't it. Anyways I was really excited because I've wanted a project for a while.

Step 1: Remove cork board and sand down wood.

Step 2: With a little help from Martha Stewart paint the wood.

First coat

two coats

Step 3: Find some knobs and paint them.

Step 4: Put it all together.

I was going to find a mirror to replace the cork board, but the opening is not a normal size, so maybe some day, but for now I'll tack notes to it. I am excited to hang it right inside the door because now Matt can put his keys and wallet in it right when he walks in. Therefore avoiding the constant search for them.

p.s. You can't really tell in the pictures, but it is light blueish not white. The flash just messes up the color.



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goodbye Provo... Hello Sacramento

Goodbye Provo......
Well we had quite the goodbye this summer. Since we had a couple months before Matt's job started, neither of us worked, so needless to say we had a lot of time to play around. We tried to fit in all we could before we left and we ended up going on a lot of family trips.

We got to go skiing a couple times with Matt's grandpa.

This is in Jackson Hole with Matt's family. It was so beautiful, but the lake was a little chilly for me to jump in.

Of course it was not to cold for Matt to jump in off the jumping rock.

Half Moon Bay with my family.

Sorry Matt that I choose this picture it was just so great. My brother, dad, and Matt were playing quarterback receiver. Promise Matt didn't end up on the ground every time. Maybe I'll add a nice video later.

San Francisco

One Year Anniversary!!! Our frozen wedding cake. Not the best ever after being frozen for a year, but better than I would expected. I mean I managed to finish a whole piece.

Now..... Hello SacTown!!!!
We've been here since Wednesday night. So far its going well. Our apartment is about twice as big as our last one. Mostly because our last one was tiny. Our apartment is a little bare now, but I love having more space.

Our new kitchen. Its all re-done, so everything is new and it is so nice.

I tried to make up for a whole summer of not cooking. Matt seemed to accept the offer.

They may be a tiny washer and dryer, but it my favorite thing about this condo. I am so happy to have my own washer and dryer

Just showing off my slippers. I know it is August, but almost all of our condo is tile and it feels a lot better to be wearing slippers.

Matt going off to his first day of work. That was just this morning, so I don't know how it is going yet, but I assume all is well.

Well so far we are really liking Sacramento. It is different and I still need to find a job. I hope I can soon or I will start going crazy with all my time. And just so everyone knows we have a second bedroom if you want to come and stay so you can watch Jimmer play. Since Matt and I never managed to become friends with him at BYU it is our new goal to become friends with him here.