Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Break and Matt Gets Older

The traditional family ski day. It was so foggy, but still really fun. Not hardly crowded at all. I am so glad Matt learned how to ski last year. I think when he learned was when my mom decided we could get married.

Christmas Eve dinner with the Ringers. Of course we had Christmas Crackers. They are these things you pull open and there are fun little prizes in them and don't worry they each come with a paper crown that we are modeling below.

Matt's favorite gift of Christmas was the magnifying glass from his Christmas Cracker. Forget about the cool ski gear, movies, etc.... He just loved that magnifying glass.

Acting out the nativity. Classic.

Every Christmas Eve we open one present that is always new pajamas (matching of course) and a new ornament. Funny story, my mom mixed up Matt and Taylor's pjs so Taylor's pjs kept falling off and we couldn't figure out why. They still need to switch them back.

Stockings Christmas morning. Don't we all look so beautiful at 7am. We're just glowing.And Now to our next topic..... MATT'S BIRTHDAY!
He turned 23 even though he almost forgot that and let my mom put 24 candles on his cake. He just feels so mature. As you can probably guess we went to a Jazz game.

Luckily for us the Jazz played the worst team in the NBA (the Cav's- not so good with out the King), so Matt got to see a win for his Birthday.
Besides that we are doing pretty great. Just waiting to see what will happen with our lives. I am having a very relaxing last semester and loving it. I could get used to being lazy and actually having time to do things like put up a blog post.