Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winter In Sacramento (Now that its over)

Things are going great. Matt is loving his job and I am tutoring part time. It is mostly really fun, but I tell you some of those 7 year old girls give me some attitude. The other day a girl tripped and fell into a book shelf. I helped her up, but she was really embarrassed so she started telling the other girls that I pushed her. There was quite a bit of drama, but luckily I got her to stop saying that. Yeah its pretty funny sometimes.
Okay so a lot of these photos are not actually from Sacramento, which you might have guessed since it doesn't snow in Sacramento. We had a great winter.

These first pictures are from when we went to Aspen with people from Matt's work. It was so much fun!

On a sleigh ride to dinner.

Matt next to the giant horses that pulled us to the restaurant.

Dinner was amazing and it was great to warm up after that ride.

The wonderful hot tub after skiing. It felt so good.

At the bottom of the mountain.

Matt and I just playing a little basketball at the park on a Saturday morning. It is only about a block away from our place. It is really fun.

Matt's birthday lunch! He requested cheesecake. I think it worked out well. We had a fun lunch then went to Dave and Busters. Then we had a delicious dinner at P.F. Changs.

Birthday breakfast in bed. Quite the sleepy face- sorry Matt.

I have been meaning to post this forever, but for some reason it has been saved as a draft and not published. I will put up a new post really soon. A much more updated one. This week. Promise. I have a lot more funny stories and such.