Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final Semester in Review

These are some of the highlights of our last year of college- in reverse order. It was so much fun. We are a little sad to be done with college, but excited to start real life.

Using our free bowling at BYU. Just trying to milk it for all its worth.

Sweet action shoot. I am sure it was a strike.
Convocation. Shortly before we marched in front of all the deans that looks like they were wearing medieval robes. We felt as if we should be jousting for them or something.

This was me going to take my last final of college. As you can see I was getting a little sentimental.

This was us walking to our last day of college classes ever. Matt was really confused of why I was taking pictures of everything, but it needed to be documented.

Just Matt looking cool

We were introduced to Spark and we had a lot of fun. Their fries are so delicious.

The aftermath of Jimmer's 52 point game in Vegas. Sweet Victory.

Our trip to Vegas to watch the MWC basketball tournament and the Bellagio fountain show.

Us super happy because we just saw an awesome magician on the streets of Vegas. Matt wishes that was his career path.

Riding in a limo at the Y ball.

Eating dinner at the Y ball.

Matt being talked in to doing crazy things by his uncle. We stayed with them in Park City for a couple days in payment for babysitting their kids for the rest of the week. It was totally worth it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh Yeah! We did it!

We are officially graduated. Both of us. Crazy. We both walked in the Kennedy Center graduation so my dad could give us our diplomas. Turned out to be a really good idea. Great speaker and it was only hour not to mention there was food.

So you may be wondering what we are doing now.... well I will tell you. As for now we are doing nothing and just hanging out because we have nothing to do, but come August we will be headed of to......


Yeah you better believe it. We are heading south. We will be living in Bentonville (known for being the headquarters of Walmart) for the next two years. As for me I have decided to do PA school and so I will be doing some of the pre-reqs during our stay down south.

There is more to come about our last year of college, but that is the update for now.