Wednesday, August 11, 2010

K + M Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Phillips

I know most people who will see this were already there, but oh well. I decided to share my wedding through photo. Lets admit it, it is way easier than reading.

Coming out of the temple

The Girls

Got to do a jumping picture- Not bad for being dressed up

Entrance with a side of uncle Brad

Darling Jr. Bridesmaids

Type-writers to leave us a message. We had two more

The guest book. To put type writer messages in

The pathway up to the real reception area

Just some help. In case you got lost

The kids area- yes that is a castle

The reception

Wedding party



Elegantly downing some food before the reception started.

What the kids did the whole time

This is my little cousin. She kept telling me before the reception how she wanted the bouquet. In order to get it she elbowed my friend Jolene in the gut and took it. I think everyone was too stunned to say anything.

First Dance

My parents know how to party

We are learning
We made a aisle for people to dance down during the song "Forever"

This is my cousin Henry. Before I could get in the car to leave he yelled "Wait". He then brought me a crepe he had made, but said "You are going to have to share". Thanks Hank.

And we leave.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Best Part of Being Married.....

I discovered something I had not known before... The best part of being married besides getting presents, and having little girls call you a princess, and being together with your spouse all the time (all minor things) is finding out that your husband says hilarious things in his sleep.

I wish I had written everything down. One of the first one I remember is waking up and seeing Matt sitting up facing away from me mumbling. I tapped him and was like what are you saying. He didn't respond for a while and finally he turned towards me and said "I was just checking to see if we needed to reserve a cocktail table because I think J made us one." He said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I stared blankly for about 5 seconds then burst out laughing. Best part, Matt still didn't understand what was weird.
Another great one. I was talking to him normally unaware that I was boring him into a peaceful sleep. Suddenly he interrupted me mid-sentence and asked "Hey did you just ask me to look at those turtles over there?" I simply said "no" to which he replied "Are you sure you didn't grab my face and point to turtles?". I doubled checked but there were no turtles in sight.

Everyone drum roll for my favorite story.

Everyone in the world should be familiar with this Harry Potter character. I decided that there was no way I could be married to some one who didn't read Harry Potter, so within the last week I took matters into my own hands and got Matt hooked on this very book number 4. The other night out of the blue Matt yells fairly forcefully, "Unlikely because we're all witches and wizards!". I laughed and Matt looked and me and said "yeah I just said that". He apparently had had a dream in which some on asked him if they would be afraid of heights in a flying lesson and that was his enthusiastic response.

I sure hope this fun doesn't stop because it is after all hilarious.