Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yep... This is our life

We went on a rafting trip with Matt's family in Jackson. I've been turned into a rafter. I was nervous at first, but now I've realized it is fun.

This is a beautiful lake by Jackson that we hiked to. Unfortunately that water was much to cold for my liking. Matt some how does not have a temperature sensor. He thought it felt great. I feel like there is some evolution mechanism to explain this.

Right before school started we went to LAGOON. In case you were wondering the answer is no, I didn't take a shower in my clothes I just went on Rattle Snake Rapids, which now soaks everyone that goes on it. There is no longer a guess of who is going to get wet. Every one will.

First Day of School Pictures. So what... I like pretending like I'm five.

This is our cute apartment. Matt picked the colors of our wall. We went a little crazy, but it is fun.

We went to homecoming. We can still date even though we are married. Its kind of barfy though right? p.s. I may have borrowed my little sister's homecoming dress. Classy.

I don't know if you can tell, but those are wedding cake toppers... or they are supposed to be.
Its a bird... Its a plane... No its just Matt jumping off my front porch to see if his cape would flow.

Batman and Catwoman. HAWT.

We played the flour game. I had to find something to do with it considering I don't bake.

So pretty much we are just pretending to be grown ups. Every once in a while our act is totally see through. Its okay though we have a very fun life. Whenever is Matt is stressed about something or whatever I just glare at him until he says "My life is so good". I would like to second that statement. Our life is pretty dang awesome.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life After.... Marriage

So my only problem with blogging is (and why I hardly ever post) is that I always want to blog at work, but I don't like creating a post with out pictures and I don't have my pictures with me at work. Now you see my predicament, however, I am now at work and want to blog, so I am going to utilize my pictures from facebook to tell a little bit about our life. I am sorry I don't have the most recent pictures- I never upload pictures to facebook either. Deal with it.

1. I love Matt, and this is partly due to the fact that he is shameless. This is him sleeping on the airport floor. Completely sprawled out and after a little bit he asked if he could us my feet as pillows. I love this fact about him being shameless because it is hilarious, and it is so great.

2. We pretty much eat a lot of dessert. It is like we suddenly feel like we have no parents and we can eat whatever we want and all we want is CANDY. Seriously though I don't know why, but when we go shopping we mostly discuss what desserts we could have for the upcoming week. To compound this problem turns out we both hate exercising, so I see a problem coming.

3. Matt gets me to do crazy things.

Okay this is us parasailing, and I actually really wanted to do this. He didn't really trick me into it because I wanted to.
Also he got me into drinking- okay that was a lie. In Cancun they just took our picture and then wanted us to buy this from them. Yeah that is us on some tequilla, but I laughed, took a picture, and handed it back. I'm still sober.

I also get Matt to do things that he probably doesn't want to do.

For example go to prom reloaded and take pictures in front of a unicorn. Isn't that every guy's dream?

4. What I meant by the previous point of us doing crazy things is that we have a lot of fun.

This is our cousin's kickball team. Yeah we were pretty dang good as you can tell by the jersey's. Undefeated in season, unfortunately we didn't quite win a shirt, but we definitely had more fun than anyone else.

In conclusion, (that is what my high school teachers told me to put at the beginning of my last paragraph) life after marriage is pretty dang great. Someday I'll actually update you on current things.