Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Christmas Season

Well the holiday season was pretty busy. I love December! I always feel like there is something going on. Here is a little update of our December in Sacramento. More to come later on our trip to Utah.

We got asked to be the narrators for our ward Christmas party. It was pretty fun. The funnest part was the nativity the primary did. It was so cute.

For the first time ever we went and cut down our own tree. It was super fun. We went to a place called Davis Ranch. You can cut down whatever tree you want for the same price. It was awesome.

Matt the lumberjack
Here is the end product. Decorated and everything.
Matt enjoying some of the candy from our advent calendar

Here we are all fancied up to go to Matt's work party. It was pretty fun, but we were the only ones from our table that didn't get a raffle prize. That was slightly disappointing.

We had a family night with some friends and made gingerbread houses. This is the back of Matt's house. He decided to try and create a nativity out of gummy bears. This isn't actually quite the finished product, but I think he did a pretty good job. I really like the angels. Also you can't really tell, but that yellow square candy has a star engraved in it.

Here are the fronts of our house creations

The holiday season is always so busy, but it is so fun. I left for Utah on the 21st and Matt came on the 22nd. It was such a full trip and it was so fun to see our families. More on that later.