Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring Happenings

I had a great spring starting with a lovely trip to Utah for Taylor's graduation and lets be honest just to hang out. Matt was in Boston for the week anyways, so I was like what the heck I am going home. Then we had a fun trip to LA for Anders and Courtney's wedding, which was so much fun and we got to see a bunch of family.
In other news, I got a job teaching MCAT prep classes for Kaplan. I am really excited. I am training right now and hopefully everything goes well.

Hanging out at Ally's bridal shower. As you can see in the background we had a lot of fun decorating.

It was great to have some girl time in Utah.

Taylor's graduation and the whole available family. (Hansen's mission president wouldn't let him swing by for the graduation lunch. I guess it was a little far from Ukraine or something. Hansen's mission president said this about himself, "It's not mean, it's German." As you can guess he is German.)
I am so excited we finally went and got a new couch! It was quite the feat to get it home from Ikea, but luckily a friend let us use their truck.

Okay story time.... You can't really tell in this picture totally, but Eliza's hair is crazy and she is leaving a trail of glitter where ever she goes. Also this happens to be her YW recognition night where she spoke. She had to come straight from a fashion show where she was helping out her friend. Luckily she got the green make-up off, but when she went up to talk the Stake President was cracking up. There was glitter everywhere. Slightly embarrassing, but mostly hilarious.

One night when Matt was coming home from basketball he sent me a message saying he had a surprise for me. This is what I got. Isn't he so sweet. Letting me spend a couple hours in the Urgent Care with him. That was just so nice. I guess he just let some other guy like bite his forehead at basketball or something. He probably deserved it since he is known for biting people on the basketball court.

This is after the glue at the urgent care. It also looks as if he has some very nice make up on doesn't it.

At the LA temple for Anders and Courtney's wedding. It was a beautiful day.

All the married cousins that were there. The numbers really are growing. I think we need our own group of cousins camp.

A little beach football after the wedding.

Matt is super embarrassed about this picture, so luckily he doesn't look at this blog so he won't know I put it up. Ally my cousin just married this guy also named Matt, which has made family get togethers more confusing. To add upon this confusion they wore kind of match-a-datch swimsuits (good thing they are signed up for twinner.com). So we told them to take a picture together. Guys are super awkward taking pictures together....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Angry Sister

Dear Eliza,

This is for you.

It also happens to be for whoever wants to look. The reason this is called angry sister is because one of the many things Eliza yelled at me about during my stay in Utah was that I didn't update my blog nearly enough. I am working on it. This updates everything before my short stint in p-town. I will soon post about that so no need to yell Eliza. 

Well here it is Matt. He has kept asking me if I have done anything with this video. He really wanted me to post it on facebook or really anywhere on the internet, which is strange cause he never goes on facebook. Anyways, he is proud, which he should be cause it is pretty awesome.
Because I couldn't let Matt have all the glory first there is a picture of me sitting in the snow. 

He even did that on a bad ankle.

So we finally got Matt a bike so we could enjoy the bike trail together. Unfortunately we had to put part of the bike together ourselves, which of course means it didn't come back from the first bike ride in one piece. However, we have now tightened up the parts (the pedal and handlebars-Turns out they are essential) and we are good to go. This is Matt trying to fix his pedal on the trail- not so successful. 

This is the American river that is like a block away from our place. It is so pretty and has a bike trail going along it all through Sacramento.

My parents came to town to watch BYU play in SF and Santa Clara. We met up with them for the Santa Clara game. It was a lot of fun.

Then my parents tagged along back to Sacramento, where they got the luxurious guest bedroom on a air mattress. This is me and my dad in old town Folsom.

Dying easter eggs

So this isn't normally how my ankle looks. I twisted it badly playing soccer and it is very swollen in this picture. It is hard to tell in this picture but it is also colored very strangely. 

It stopped raining and we were able to grill ourselves a few steaks.

Anyways we are doing great and it was so fun to see everyone in Utah last week. I will do a post about that soon and hopefully about some projects I have recently finished/ am still working on. I have to finish first and then I can blog about them. Since I may procrastinate both those things who knows if anyone will every see them.